ASADELTECH® is a Products, Services & Consulting Company

ASADEL Technologies is a technology driven organisation with core philosophy to amalgam development of sustainable products and services with value it creates & brings to lives of people it serves. And such developments are supported by ASADELTECH®’s inherent culture of continuous research, analysis and innovation. ASADELTECH® is committed to build technology and engineering solutions that would help usher convenience and add value to quality of lives of users.

Applying niche skills

Our products leverage cutting-edge technology to empower users and simplify lives.

ASADELTECH® builds high-end state-of-the-art mobile, web and engineering solutions deploying future-ready technologies. It has been building innovative and state-of-the-art, user-friendly solutions in health and medical analytics, safety & security enterprise solutions, wearable devices for women and senior citizens, mobile Apps and smart solutions for urban societies and Governments: with products like RxProbe® (a medical/health analytic platform), iSOSu™ (a safety app using cutting-edge technology, built in collaboration with a renowned Bulgarian partner), IMARECON™ a robust, scalable and agile image processing, recontruction and analysis platform and many more. ASADELTECH® has strategic tie-up with Passy Experience Limited, Sofia (Bulgaria).