A state-of-the-art enhancer, reconstructor and recognizer with tested algorithms capable of analysing images and videos for real-time detection, recognition & tracking.


Automated Medical Screening

Detects cancerous cells in the oral cavity with the help of mobile app and classifies cancer affected positions to give results with % probability of benign-ness or malignancy. Also available for most common diseases of the thoracic region using CXRs.


Automated License Plate Recognition

Automated recognition and recording license plates (white & yellow) within IP camera’s field of view. Addresses various critical issues, especially camera shakes due to wind or storm, low illumination, motion blur effects and number plates not perpendicular to camera.


Traffic Volume & Thermal Map

Allows traffic volumes to be evaluated and discovered where people tend to move about the most. Zones with most traffic is spontaneously captured and are highlighted in red and in real time. Lane segmentation and counting of vehicles, with alerts on wrong direction and stationery vehicles. Also available automated parking lot management.


Queue Management & Alerts

Real-time capture of waiting time and service time of queues in public places and service desks using ML/DL algorithms. Enterprise-wide solution for public transport (airports, railway stations, bus terminus), large retail shop-floor, factory shop-floors, etc.


Face Recognition & Tracking

Automated identification of optimal portraits from video streams (reference images). Higher accuracy of detection and recognition made possible due to module’s innovative technology that biometrically indexes facial features using deep / machine learning. Tracks individuals with face data.


Attribute based Tracking

Tracks moving objects within the camera’s field of view. Versatile attribute based tracking, e.g. color of shirt, color of hair, object shape, size, position, etc.